Awesome Terminal Setup for OSX

Having a really efficient CMD line is awesome. It can save you a lot of time. It’s good to take the time to set up a terminal that is intuitive, customized to you and your workflow.

With the right software, you can do things like autocomplete your GIT and Docker commands and branches/images/containers. This alone is worth it. But also, you get DARK MODE!

My Favorite Setup

  1. iTerm2 – check out all the FEATURES. Replace your default Terminal with this NOW.
  2. Oh My Zsh – Steroids for your terminal. This gives us all the cool shit we need, like Autocomplete features, custom themes, and WAY MORE.

Go and install these two.

Docker/Git Auto complete

With iTerm2 and Oh My Zsh downloaded and installed, let’s add some plugins. Open your zsh profile, located in ~./.zshrc

edit the plugins section:


Now we get sweet autofill features. Here’s a list of hundreds more:

Quick jump around CMD.

You can setup iTerm2 to let you jump around your current line, and way way more. Here’s your basics, jump around line.

Follow that link to set it up!

Props to Rob Davis who shared these tips with me.

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